If you have reached the conclusion of designing a website for your business, then the next natural progression would be to find a reliable host who meets your present hosting needs. During the actual registration process with a hosting website concerns about ownership might come in.

We now know that domain names once registered can become a hot commodity and have the potential to appreciate in value unbelievably. That’s the reason why domain names are said to be the internet’s ‘real estate.’ With this knowledge and realization, it is important to make sure that the domain name registered is owned by you beyond any reasonable doubt.

The only way to ensure you don’t stumble into some legal squabble over ownership of your domain name sometimes in the unforeseen future, it is vital that the domain is purchased under your name. It is important to understand that the domain name is always registered under the name of the client directly with the registry e.g ICANN or Nominet. This means you can access your domain and are 100% in full control over it.

By law, the legal owner of the domain name is the person whose name appears as the registrant in the domain registry for the particular domain.

Web hosting tips on some common domain ownership pitfalls to look out for

Having said the above, it is of great importance to research on the legal domain ownership and what is rightfully yours. It is also wise to know to what extent the registrar’s legal reach affects the domain name you register.

You will find it interesting to know;

  • Many registrars reserve the right of revoking your domain name for specific reasons like illegal activity or unacceptable purposes like spamming.
  • Some contracts contain a provision that allows the registrar to delete your domain name for no apparent reason.
  • Registrars reserve the right to make alterations to the registration agreement should they wish to without letting you know

The above issues raise serious concerns when it comes to the determination as to who really owns your domain name, you or the registrar?

Much as we would want to think that once purchased and registered in your name, the domain name belongs to you; it seems that at the heart of it, this is a technicality that allows the registrar to keep shifting the goal posts to his advantage legally.

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