Whether you are a newbie to the world of domain name registration or a veteran with an expired domain, finding a domain name can be a frustrating and challenging endeavor.  From finding a name that has not been claimed by another individual or entity to finding a reliable domain registrar, the process can be a drawn out affair without the help of a domain name generators.

Why do you need help with the generation of a domain name?

  • You are starting a new blog
  • You have a new website
  • Every name you think of has been claimed
  • You have limited time on your hands for the process

While there are many domain name generators on the market today, finding a reliable one is key to shortening your process of domain registration. One thing all the options available have in common is they are born out of the difficulty website owners endure when looking for a domain name for their online business. Below are our top four picks and why.

Reliable domain name generators for cheap domains

  • Lean Domain Search

This domain name generator is widely favored for its extremely intuitive yet simple and fast search process. Considering that .com domain names are not very many, Lean Domain Search is able to find you .com domains by using specific key words.

You just need to come up with the key words that aptly describe your product and this domain name generator will help you with several available domain name combinations.

  • Bust a name

Using numerous filtering tools, Bust a name will identify superior domain names that resonate excellently with your online business. With this domain name generator you can either filter the keywords, make a random search for a domain name by clicking on “Make a Random Domain” or check for domain names by extensions, spellings, punctuation, suffixes and prefixes.

This option also gives you up to 11 alternative suggestions for domain names that can be appropriate for your business.

  • Domainhole

This domain name generator is not heavily dependent on keywords and can generate several domain names for you to choose from with or without keywords. Using at least seven domain name search tools, Domainhole will also find any expired domain names as well as all domain extensions available to give you a variety to choose from.

  • NameStall

With NameStall you have several domain names search tools including the

  • Domain name generator tool
  • Domain name suggestion tool
  • Instant domain search tool
  • Brandable domain name list
  • High paying keywords search tool

Using these tools you can search for domain names by industry categories, trendy keywords, and parts of a speech or even Basic English words. NameStall also gives you a list of both taken and available domain names.

As the web address that tells visitors of where your online business can be found, you must ensure that your domain name is not expired as this will affect the flow of traffic to your website. With the above options you can have a cheap domain name that will represent you brand effectively without breaking your bank account.

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