When buying and registering a domain, there are numerous options to choose from. At a glance, every service being offered seems to be identical across all these providers, but the pricing differs significantly. Domain registrars are the people who manage all the domain names you see like .com. Inc .net and here we will take a sneak peek at some web hosting companies that have good customer reviews and would make a list for some of the best places to register your domain for varied reasons.

There is none that is perfect, but depending on preferences and needs you should find one that will work for you.

  1. Godaddy

Godaddy has come a long way, most people would not go anywhere near Godaddy a few years back, but they seem to have gotten their act together, and customers do take them seriously now as they have significantly improved their service.

 A high point for Godaddy is its recommendation of domains based on certain keywords which are quite helpful if the one you want is not available. Their hosting offering has improved which means happier customers.

  1. Sedo

Sedo has an incredible reputation and is quite different from your typical web host and registrar services. It’s a global marketplace for selling and buying domain names. This site is mostly for big spenders looking to buy an existing domain name.  They are more than 18 million domain names for sale on Sedo.

It works by allowing you the possibility of buying from a foreign seller that you have never met. Usually, payment will be through an escrow account handled by a third party who will hold it and pass it over to the seller once the domain name has been transferred to your name. As disconcerting as this process sounds, Sedo has a remarkably solid reputation for deals of $15000+ for domain names.

  1. Name Cheap

This web registrar has a range of new top-level domain names to choose from and to suit extensive business segments. Name cheap has a huge following in part due to their user-friendly control panel for buying the domain name as well as their ability to offer tools to develop your own website.

  1. Host Gator

This web host has tons of rock-solid reviews especially for individual and companies with bandwidth-heavy sites. From what customers are saying, they come across as one of the most reliable of the pile. HostGator is relatively well priced, but their strength lies in their reliable service.

Though hosting websites and registrars are legion, the above domain registrars fit the top places to register a domain name.

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